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Bosch Consolidates RTS Intercom to Minnesota HQ

Burnsville, MN (August 24, 2009)--RTS Intercom's west coast regional office in Burbank, CA. is being consolidated into Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Communications Systems Division's headquarters in Burnsville, MN.

Bosch Security Systems, Inc.,
Communications Systems Division
headquarters in Burnsville, MN.Burnsville, MN (August 24, 2009)–RTS Intercom’s west coast regional office in Burbank, CA. is being consolidated into Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Communications Systems Division’s headquarters in Burnsville, MN.

According to a Bosch statement, the move “is in step with both the recent restructuring of the Division’s sales organization and the continued expansion of its training program into larger, better-equipped facilities.”

“Our focus on maximizing value for our customers shapes every decision within our family of brands,” says Thomas Hansen, VP Americas, Bosch Security Systems, Inc., Communications Systems Division. “That’s why we brought our west coast RTS Intercoms operation into line with the new sales and support structure that is proving so broadly beneficial throughout the rest of the country.

“Excellent technical support and training are a key part of the way forward for us–two of our top priorities. Our team of regional sales support engineers are in place across the country, and will remain in place on the west coast, ready to provide hands-on support on our customers’ schedules.

“And now, instead of visiting the 1765 sq. ft. regional office in Burbank for training, our west coast RTS customers can visit our well-equipped 118,000 sq. ft. campus in Burnsville for an unparalleled educational experience on a completely different scale–no one else in the industry has a facility like this. There are also, of course, great advantages to hosting training on the same site as the engineers who design and test the equipment they use every day.”

Burnsville is also home base for the Division’s Bosch Conferencing & Public Address, Electro-Voice, and Telex brands.

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. also offers training at facilities across the U.S., including locations in California, Georgia, Indiana, New York, Ontario, and Pennsylvania. The Burnsville facility will serve as the location for the Communications Systems Division’s largest training seminars.

Graduating over 700 students per year, the Communications Systems Division’s customized training seminars are coordinated in-house and designed around practical real-world scenarios.

Bosch’s Communications Systems Division on-site and online training schedule