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Bricasti Model Moves In

Los Angeles, CA (February 23, 2009)--Engineer/producer Dave Reitzas has chosen a Bricasti Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor for his new outboard reverb unit.

Los Angeles, CA (February 23, 2009)–Engineer/producer Dave Reitzas has chosen a Bricasti Model 7 Stereo Reverb Processor for his new outboard reverb unit.

“Outboard reverb provides a unique sound that I’ve yet to hear from a plug-in,” he said. “High-end dedicated hardware reverb offers a lot more processing power than I find with most DAW plug-ins, resulting in exceptionally robust algorithms that deliver the rich, full enveloping sound that I strive for.

“The first time I tried out the Model 7, it was very obvious that something magical was happening–the M7 provides instant gratification,” Reitzas added. “It’s not very often that equipment comes along to instantly translate the sounds in my head through to the speakers, but the M7 does just that, and more. It easily and instantly transports me into the most beautiful spaces I could ever imagine.”

Reitzas first utilized an M7 on the David Foster & Friends DVD and CD project, Hit Man, which features icon artists performing Foster’s songs. Reitzas recorded the concert live at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas. “I fell in love with the M7 in the Hit Man mix sessions,” he recalled, “and then used it while tracking Seal’s new record, Soul, in Studio A at Capitol Studios, Hollywood. I also borrowed a unit from Summit Audio [Bricasti’s U.S. distributor] late last year for a new client’s project of just piano and strings that I was mixing at the Record Plant in Hollywood. I had worked half a day with other reverbs before the Bricasti arrived at the studio, and when I added it to my mix, I knew right then that it was time to have my own M7!

“The choice of ambiance is one of the most important decisions I make during a mix session–it creates the environment in which the music is being cast and I think that’s what is most appealing to the listener. With the M7, each different algorithm has its own special strength, providing a large palette of starting points that work very well on a variety of material.”

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