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Austria (March 7, 2011)--BSS Audio sound processing was recently installed at the new Glock Horse Performance Center in Carinthia, Austria.

Austria (March 7, 2011)–BSS Audio sound processing was recently installed at the new Glock Horse Performance Center in Carinthia, Austria.

The school, named after its sponsor, Austrian firearms manufacturing Gaston Glock, needed the capability to provide consistent audio coverage across the facility’s four riding halls. The installation was performed by Musik-Aktiv with the assistance of Harman Professional distributor Kain Audio.

The facility deploys four Soundweb London BLU-160 devices and four BLU-BOB 8-channel output expanders, placed on the Soundweb London fault-tolerant digital audio bus. The two mobile racks are configured identically and the digital audio bus audio channels can be connected at four different points. Feeding the BLU-BOB devices, source inputs include four wireless commentator microphones (with pre-programmed ducking function), and a small external Soundcraft mixer.

“The requirement was for a new system that would provide even coverage at sufficient volume, with excellent speech intelligibility,” said Kain’s IT and Applications Engineer, Iuliu Varga.

One rack is assigned to the first two riding halls and the second to the other two halls, with expandability provided for future outdoor coverage requirements. Since they are identical, the two racks also serve as redundant units.

“The digital audio bus channels don’t need any Ethernet switches — only patch panels. We only use Gigabit Ethernet switches in the two mobile racks to connect the BLU-160, touch-computer and wireless access point,” added Varga.

Sound reinforcement is provided by JBL CBT 70J/70E and CBT 100 asymmetrical vertical columns, which send concentrated sound toward the back of the venue, while down-filling a broader, less concentrated sound to the front of the venue, thereby maintaining constant pattern control. Additionally, 58 JBL Control 29AV loudspeakers, 10 JBL Control 28 loudspeakers andlo 18 JBL Control 25 loudspeakers were deployed in various other areas, all powered by Crown XTi series amplifiers.

“Gaston Glock is a purely quality-driven manager and he wanted the best. The operators are able to use the intuitive custom control panels, created within HiQnet London Architect, and are delighted with the result,” stated Christian Kain, president, Kain Audio.