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Calrec Artemis Makes NAB Show Debut

Las Vegas, NV (April 13, 2010)--At the 2010 NAB Show, Calrec Audio is presenting Artemis, a new audio console.

Las Vegas, NV (April 13, 2010)–At the 2010 NAB Show, Calrec Audio is presenting Artemis, a new audio console.

Artemis is based on the award-winning Apollo platform and, like Apollo, relies on Calrec technology, Bluefin2 for processing and Hydra2 for routing.

Bluefin2 is the next generation of Calrec’s Bluefin High Density Signal Processing platform. Running at 48 kHz, Bluefin2 gives Artemis up to 640 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 64 IFB/track outputs, and 32 auxiliaries.

Hydra2 is Calrec’s next-generation networking system, which uses high-capacity 8192 x 8192 crosspoint routers while making available a variety of I/O units to provide analog, AES, MADI, SDI, and Dolby E formats. All use copper or fiber connectivity and can be fitted with GPIO cards. Console routers can stand alone or be connected to form large networks.

Artemis features also include a second compressor/limiter in each channel, more than 70 minutes of assignable delay, and three independent APFL systems for multiple operator use. Calrec engineers have designed the infrastructure so that the facilities share no resources, making each available to the user at all times.

Calrec Audio is also showing the award-winning Apollo audio console at the 2010 NAB Show. According to the company, Apollo is the most powerful audio console available for Dolby 5.1 surround sound mixing. At 48 kHz, Bluefin2 gives Apollo up to 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/Track outputs, and 48 auxiliaries. At 96 kHz, Apollo affords 510 channel processing paths, 64 program busses, 48 IFB/track outputs, and 24 auxiliaries.

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