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Amsterdam, Netherlands (October 22, 2009)--Linear Acoustic won TV Technology Europe's STAR groundbreaking solution award for its new CARBON Hybrid Metadata Loudness Controller, launched at IBC 2009.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (October 22, 2009)–Linear Acoustic won TV Technology Europe’s STAR groundbreaking solution award for its new CARBON Hybrid Metadata Loudness Controller, launched at IBC 2009.

“We are thrilled that our CARBON solution has received such positive feedback from TV Technology Europe’s editors as well as the IBC attendees at large,” says Tim Carroll, president and founder of Linear Acoustic. “With CARBON, our goal was to make the ease of fixing loudness control a reality for broadcasters while also preserving original audio content. The STAR award is an honor for our company and a testament to industry demand for solutions like CARBON, which leverage sound technology and offer more options when it comes to loudness control.”

The Linear Acoustic CARBON product was selected for a STAR award by the editorial staff of TV Technology Europe. Editors from the publication walk the IBC show floor previewing new solutions before finally selecting an elite group of 25 award recipients. To be considered for a STAR award, a product must demonstrate an ability to advance the acquisition and distribution of entertainment and information across the media spectrum.

“STAR awards are given to interesting new products that help a user save money or accomplish a task in an easier way,” says Mark Hallinger, editor of TV Technology Europe. “The products selected help advance the industry–some were chosen because of technical novelty or innovation, some because they filled an important gap in the production or transmission chain, and some because they were just cool products.”

The CARBON loudness control solution features a patent-pending hybrid process that combines loudness control and audio encoding, allowing an infinitely variable adjustment between permanent and reversible control of source audio loudness and dynamic range. Capable of working with any audio codec that supports metadata, the premier version of CARBON maximizes the effectiveness of metadata within the Dolby Digital (AC-3) system.

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