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CBC Radio-Canada Adds SSL C200

Montreal, Canada (August 18, 2009)--CBC/Radio-Canada's Studio 12 has been upgraded with a 48-channel SSL C200 HD digital console plus two SSL MORSE Stage Boxes.

Montreal, Canada (August 18, 2009)–CBC/Radio-Canada’s Studio 12 has been upgraded with a 48-channel SSL C200 HD digital console plus two SSL MORSE Stage Boxes.

“We needed to replace our old analogue console, so we put out an industry tender for a digital console that would meet our production mission,” says Michel Leduc, manager of broadcast engineering for CBC/Radio-Canada French Radio and TV projects. “While we looked at the offerings from several companies, in the final analysis, the functionality, sound quality and price led us to choose the SSL C200 HD as the best console for this job.”

Jean-Marc Gellatly, director of French Radio Operations, adds, “Choosing the right console for our ‘flagship’ studio was mission critical insofar as this is the studio where our ‘high-profile’ productions take place. We also considered the fact that our most experienced personnel will be operating the console and this is why it was important to find the right balance between state of the art digital technology and the familiarity of a more traditional control surface.”

CBC/Radio-Canada’s Studio 12, the facility’s largest recording studio for radio, was originally conceived as a large studio room with variable acoustics where everything from a small orchestra or big jazz band to a rock group could comfortably perform for either radio or television production. Audio capture is to a Pro Tools|HD system. The two MORSE Stage Boxes yield a total of 64 mic preamps and provide consolidated direct access to the C200 to service the larger, microphone intense sessions.

Other SSL installations with CBC/Radio-Canada include two C148/64 consoles for Mobile (Premier) and Mobile (Encore) in Toronto; two C264 consoles in Studio 40 and Studio 42 in Toronto; two C140 consoles in Studio 51 and Studio 52 in Toronto; and a C232 for the HD Mobile truck in Halifax.

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