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CBS Wakes Up with Stephen Arnold Music

Dallas, TX (September 2, 2009)--CBS chose Stephen Arnold Music to create the new song "A Lot Happens Early" for its latest The Early Show national ad package.

Dallas, TX (September 2, 2009)–CBS chose Stephen Arnold Music to create the new song “A Lot Happens Early” for its latest The Early Show national ad package.

Stephen Arnold Music founder Stephen Arnold collaborated with hit songwriter Greg Barnhill on the pop song, which communicates a strong and positive message to draw viewers to the Early Show on-air team. “The song for this campaign needed to stick in your head, driving viewership by exciting people about the show and its personalities,” says Arnold. “Accomplishing that means putting the right song together with the right singer and a great group of musicians. That’s the art of making something that’s truly memorable.”

Stephen Arnold Music assembled a group of top Nashville players, fronted by a contemporary female vocalist. “CBS wanted a sound with broad appeal bridging pop and urban elements, that could sound like it was a hit song straight off a top artist’s album,” Arnold explains. “We started with an incredibly strong hook written on a simple acoustic guitar. The lyrics we wrote reflected images that CBS could easily edit powerful images to, clearly showing the magic that happens in some way every day on The Early Show.”

Also on the Stephen Arnold Music team were producer Chad Cook, sound recording engineering supervisor Paul West and editor Wheeler Sparks, who cut audio for the :60, :20, :15, :10 and :05 versions of the campaign. They collaborated closely with CBS’ Julie Haaland, director of on-air promotions, and Dave McCoy, vice president of promotions.

“At Stephen Arnold Music, we’ve seen time and again that an authentic original song is crucial to a successful campaign,” Arnold says. “We made sure that ‘A Lot Happens Early’ would demonstrate the distinctive brand that CBS has on its hands. When viewers hear it, they know immediately that this song is the sound of The Early Show.”

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