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Chen Joins Lauten As Chief Engineer

Santa Clara, CA (February 1, 2008)--Dr. Charles Chen has joined Lauten Audio as chief engineer. He will be responsible for the company's microphone engineering and design.

Santa Clara, CA (February 1, 2008)–Dr. Charles Chen has joined Lauten Audio as chief engineer. He will be responsible for the company’s microphone engineering and design.

Dr. Chen has 10 years of hands-on experience in electronics and circuitry design as a product development engineer of radio receivers and speakers. He is intimately familiar with the latest research in acoustic theory, and developed a capsule simulation model that has been used in the development of high-quality capsules. Dr. Chen has also been working on a microphone testing system that links qualitative observations from hearing tests to quantitative physical properties and attributes.

“We are very excited and honored to welcome Dr. Chen to the team,” said Brian Loudenslager, founder of Lauten Audio. “With his knowledge and experience, we will be able to reinforce our focus on the design and manufacturing of unique, high-quality professional microphones. This is just the beginning of what we are doing to build a long and successful future for Lauten Audio. Bringing on someone like Dr. Chen demonstrates that we are committed to raising the bar for professional microphones. We’re not just tweaking the design of mics from the past; we are really focusing on ground-up designs and unique sound.”

“For many years, I have been interested in the design and development of microphones, and in particular transducer design and applications,” Dr. Chen noted. “Having had numerous discussions and consultations with Mr. Loudenslager, it was only natural for me to become part of the team. I feel Lauten Audio has the passion and resources to bring my research and designs to life.”

Dr. Chen has worked in the academic field as a lead scientist and researcher for more than 25 years, and held positions at Duke University, University of Wisconsin at Madison, San Diego State University, and National Research Institute of China. Most recently, he was in the high-tech industry and joined Lauten Audio from IBM.

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