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Chinese Take Out With dampb audiotechnik

China (January 22, 2009)-- d&b audiotechnik has added simplified Chinese to the languages available on its website.

China (January 22, 2009)– d&b audiotechnik has added simplified Chinese to the languages available on its website.

d&b audiotechnik has been represented in China since 2004, when its first office there was established in Hong Kong by Freddie To and Daniel Chan. While it still remains, the operation has expanded to include satellite rep offices in Beijing, Guang Zhou and Nanjing, for an overall staff of 16 people. The next office is planned for Shanghai. With these developments, and with China now leading the world in terms of broadband connections, the addition of Chinese on the website was considered a ‘must.’

Ralf Sauter, d&b’s webmaster, worked closely with marketing manager Megan Li from d&b’s Guang Zhou office to create and translate the website. This was reportedly no easy matter, as many of the technical expressions used comfortably in English are new to the Chinese as they assimilate the technology.

Freddie To and Daniel Chan of d&b audiotechnik China, are said to be very enthusiastic with the results and are looking forward to the impact that this will have in their market. “The Chinese are incredibly thirsty for the kind of instant information that the website can provide them with,” said To. “This will certainly further enhance the penetration of d&b into the Chinese market by providing current content directly to the end user in their own language, thus facilitating easier communication. We are very pleased that this is now possible.”

How to get there? Just go to and click on China in the navigation line, or for those not versed in simplified Chinese click on the very right hand symbol or alternatively choose number seven from the menu.

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