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ChristChurch London Gets Eclipsed by InnovaSon

London (September 2, 2009)--ChristChurch London recently took delivery of the first InnovaSon Eclipse console to be sold in the UK by UK distributor, Red Square Audio.

Photo L-R: Gareth Gibbs,
Tim Jackson, Rhys Scott
London (September 2, 2009)–ChristChurch London recently took delivery of the first InnovaSon Eclipse console to be sold in the UK by UK distributor, Red Square Audio.

ChristChurch is a young church that meets every Sunday in the heart of London’s West End at the Piccadilly Theatre. ChristChurch already owns an InnovaSon Sy48 complete with DioCore (EtherSound-enabled stagebox) for FoH duties, and is looking forward to the inauguration of the Eclipse to run monitors.

According to ChristChurch’s technical director, Rhys Scott, there were three main factors that influenced the decision to purchase an Eclipse, the most obvious being that they already owned an Sy48 with a DioCore: “The two consoles can share the same stagebox, and the Eclipse plugs straight into the EtherSound network. We don’t have to add any mic-splitters or worry about format conversion for our on-stage set-up– it really is plug-and-play.”

The second reason was that familiarity with the Sy48 meant a minimal learning curve for those who will be operating the Eclipse. “Converting a West End theatre into our church home every Sunday is a pretty intensive task, especially as our set-up can be fairly complex,” noted Scott. “On a normal Sunday, we would have an eight-piece band, some weeks we strip it down to acoustic/unplugged band, and for special events, we add a five-piece horn section, a 20-voice choir and sometimes a four-piece string section. Most of the musicians use personal monitors, but the choir and horn section use wedges. When it comes to musicians on stage, it varies from week to week–in other words, running monitors is anything but a walk in the park! Each member of the team needs to work quickly, so having a console that is easy to understand and get the best from is really important.”

“Thirdly, and this takes the cake,” enthused Scott, “the introduction of the MARS recorder gives us the ability to multi-track record our Sunday meetings. The ease of transferring MARS recordings from our Sunday venue to the studio by simply removing a hard drive from the console and inserting it into a caddy in the studio, ready to drop the files into Logic for editing, makes it ideally suited to our situation. I had been looking for a multi-track recording solution for quite some time, and this is, by far, the best answer to our search.”

Scott also cited the SmartPanel as being a feature he appreciated, especially on a monitor console, giving the operator near-instant access to every aspect of each musician’s personal mix. The fact that their Sy48 has been “totally reliable” was also an important factor: “It makes it easier to spend the money when you’re confident that your investment won’t let you down at a crucial moment. We’re averaging around 500 worshippers per week now, and more for special occasions, so ‘technical glitches’ are really not an option anymore.”

He was also full of praise for Red Square Audio’s Paul Nicholson and InnovaSon’s Hervé de Caro who designed the console. “Working with those so close to the product makes a refreshing change from dealing with large corporations with poor customer service,” remarked Scott. “It’s been a pleasure dealing with InnovaSon
from the very start and I trust that our relationship will continue.”

The final word goes to Red Square Audio’s Paul Nicholson. “InnovaSon has developed a stunning product with Eclipse–no other console offers such flexibility of configuration and personalization. Also, the addition of the MARS onboard digital recorder has given the console a huge advantage over its main rivals in terms of both price and functionality. The console is now finished and ready to ship. Thanks to ChristChurch for placing the first of what we hope will be many UK orders.”


Red Square Audio