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Church Enables Broadcast with Aviom

Cabot, AR (October 26, 2009)--The First Baptist Church of Cabot has installed Aviom's Pro64 and Pro16 Series equipment as a first step toward future broadcast plans.

Cabot, AR (October 26, 2009)–The First Baptist Church of Cabot has installed Aviom’s Pro64 and Pro16 Series equipment as a first step toward future broadcast plans.

With plans to broadcast through a local digital cable channel in the near future as well as a need to send a televised signal to a separate worship venue on their campus, the church installed a broadcast booth to collect video signals from the four Sony studio cameras stationed throughout the sanctuary as well as a separate console to handle the audio. In order to accomplish this, the church needed a way to get more flexibility from its existing analog system that would also help transition it into working with digital audio and video.

The existing analog system takes inputs from the stage to an analog patchbay in the sound booth. First Baptist installed two Aviom Pro64 6416m mic input modules and two Pro16 AN-16/i-M mic input modules. A total of 32 channels from the patchbay are connected to the Pro16 modules, which feature a built-in passive splitter. These splits are connected to the analog inputs on the Yamaha LS9 used for mixing front of house. A digital copy of these signals is also sent from the AN-16/i-M modules, via Cat-5, to the broadcast booth, which is outfitted with a second LS9. A pair of Pro16 Aviom AN-16/o v.4 output modules provide analog inputs to the LS9.

The remaining inputs from the patchbay in the sound booth are connected to the 6416m modules, which feed both consoles digitally, via Cat-5. Each console is equipped with two Aviom 6416Y2 A-Net cards. Designed to operate as a self-sufficient entity, the broadcast booth is also complete with a server to store the video and audio inputs

The front of house console also prepares monitor feeds, which are sent to Aviom Personal Mixers via one 6416Y2 card and an ASI A-Net systems interface module. Musicians monitor using Shure E3 in-ear monitors.

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