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Colbert Reports Via SSL Console

New York, NY (April 29, 2010)--NEP has upgraded Studio 54, installing a 48-fader, SSL C100 HD console to handle the audio for Comedy Central's popular The Colbert Report.

Todd Kilponen, mixer for The Colbert ReportNew York, NY (April 29, 2010)–NEP has upgraded Studio 54, installing a 48-fader, SSL C100 HD console to handle the audio for Comedy Central’s popular The Colbert Report.

NEP upgraded Studio 52, where Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and Studio 54 to full HD production, initially also installing an SSL C100 HD in Studio 52. “The production company for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was thrilled with the SSL experience in Studio 52, so when it came time to upgrade Studio 54 for The Colbert Report, they chose to use another C100 HD,” says George Hoover, chief technology officer for NEP.

“We have used the original C100 HD for over two years and are very happy with the results, especially with the music segments and the capability of 5.1 surround mixing,” adds Hoover. “The C100 HD interfaces with our Pro Tools system, so we can go back and forth to do fairly sophisticated audio posting on the segments for DVD release. Now we have this capability for The Colbert Report.”

The video and audio control rooms for The Colbert Report live three floors above the production studio. The C100 HD is interfaced directly into the console’s preamps to pick up the microphones from the studio floor. The console also interfaces to the rest of the studio system for playback elements, protocols, multitracks and the like.

“We used to use a fairly straight forward analogue console, but we really needed the power we have with the C100 HD,” Hoover continues. “We try to get as accurate a show as possible on the first pass, so the recall function on the C100 HD becomes very important for the multiple segments we need to record. Our engineers can now fine-tune a mix for a band during rehearsals and then recall the setups for the actual tapings. Having this capability minimizes mistakes and gives us a much better, repeatable quality.”

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