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Coming Soon From Euphonix and NewBay Media The EuCon Development Partners Solution Guide

  The EuCon Development Partners Solution Guide

From the Greek synergos
A mutually advantageous conjunction where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts

EuCon – The innovative, synergistic, open standard high-speed Ethernet control protocol developed by Euphonix to allow a hardware control surface to directly communicate with a software application.

EuCon control, coupled with compliant controllers (available in Euphonix Artist Series and Pro lines) and production partner software from leading DAW vendors, offers a compelling list of benefits, including:

* High-speed Ethernet networked control including Gigabit Ethernet
* High-resolution (12bit) fader & knob control
* Control includes EuCon, HUI & Mackie Control Protocols
* EuCon transports trackball & keyboard over Ethernet simplifying cabling
* Works with Mac or PC
* Controls multiple workstations & applications simultaneously
* Control switches to match software application, allowing hardware surface direct access to software application command sets
* Allows DAW plug-in control from channel strips
* Supports multi-format metering, EQ & Pan curve displays with EuCon aware software applications

Artist Series Solutions

Click your application below to see how Euphonix Artist Series and EuCon can help you use your application more effectively and efficiently. With helpful videos for most applications and links to Artist profile pages, see how we can help you use the Artist Series.

Pro Solutions
Follow the Music and Post links to see how Euphonix and EuCon can help you work more effectively and

efficiently with your applications.