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Contributor of the Month Alex Oana

Hello speakers NS10s, I've come to mix on you again

Los Angeles

Alex invites you to read this poem to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence.”

Hello speakers NS10s
I’ve come to mix on you again
Because a trend that’s now creeping
Sowed deep seeds in the Eighties
And the sound that was planted in my ear
Still unclear
Prefer the sound of silence

Above meter lights I saw
Ten thousand pairs, maybe more
Woofers jumping without thumping
Tweeters screeching without soaring
People mixing songs to sound good anywhere
And no one dared
Let a fad rest silent

On many desks I mixed alone
Narrow faders rode and thrown
Neath the halo of LCD
Why is my Lasik so damn blurry
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of argon light
That split my sight
Would my career go silent

Fool said they, you do not know
All the quick keys, you’re a pro?
Hear my mix that it might reach you
What can a manual teach you
And its words like truncated bits fell
The echoes felt
In a blog read silent

Once the people bowed and paid
For the sweet sounds that we made
It came with almost no warning
Music is free when downloading
And the signs said the words of the singers were posted on the Napster walls
Now Lime Wire halls
One CD spins in silence

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