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Countryman Associates, Inc. has announced the B2D Directional Lavaliere Microphone.

Countryman Associates, Inc. has announced the B2D Directional Lavaliere Microphone, “the world’s smallest directional lavaliere microphone,” the diameter of a No. 2 pencil lead. The new B2D is the ideal choice for a myriad of functions where vocal reinforcement is required, without being visibly present. With its ability to be discreetly hidden among wardrobe (or even in a performer’s hair), the B2D is an appropriate choice in theatrical or musical sound reinforcement applications. Similarly, it is equally adept for use in broadcast, presentation, worship, and public speaking applications.
The B2D offers a tight, hypercardioid polar pattern for secure isolation from ambient noise and feedback—the result is excellent sound quality optimized for accurate voice pick-up when placed on either the chest or head. Compared to an omnidirectional lavaliere microphone, the B2D achieves, on average, 6-10 dB more gain before feedback—ensuring plenty of audio level in the most demanding environments. Equally noteworthy, this also translates to fewer issues with phase interference when multiple microphones are used simultaneously, and less challenges with room noise.
The new Countryman B2D has a frequency response of 50 Hz to 18 kHz, with a 4 dB presence boost at 6 kHz for increased intelligibility. It is available in three sensitivities / versions to accommodate a wide range of applications, with overload levels (at 1% THD) of 120 dB SPL, 130 dB SPL, and 140 dB SPL. The package includes the microphone, shock mount clip, and strong cable (with a break strength of greater than 50 lbs.).

Price: $650 list

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