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Craig Anderton Named Executive Editor Of iEQ/i

San Mateo, CA (June 6, 2006)--EQ magazine, part of the Music Player Network, has announced that Craig Anderton has been appointed consulting executive editor of EQ.

San Mateo, CA (June 6, 2006)–EQ magazine, part of the Music Player Network, has announced that Craig Anderton has been appointed consulting executive editor of EQ.

Anderton has been a contributor to EQ since the magazine’s inception, and will now help guide the publication’s overall vision and content in concert with EQ’s existing staff, which includes: Vicki Hartung, publisher; Michael Molenda, editorial director; Matt Harper, assistant editor; Debbie Greenberg, managing editor; and Doug Gordon, art director; following the departure of Eugene Robinson.

“Obviously, we’re thrilled to have such a well-respected and inspirational editorial force in place at EQ,” said MPN group publisher Vicki Hartung. “Craig’s reputation speaks for itself. He’s credible, he knows technology, he embraces all recording communities, and he always has his eyes on the future.”

Anderton commented, “We have an extremely dedicated and talented team assembled here-from editorial to sales-as well as some stellar freelancers. These are exciting times, and we all want EQ to reflect that excitement. We plan to re-invent the concept of a publication about recording, while building a community of engineers, musicians, and manufacturers that can help each other make better recordings and ultimately, better music.

Anderton has played Carnegie Hall, been involved with dozens of major label releases as a musician, producer, or engineer, and guests on guitar with the European-based groups Rei$$dorf Force and Air Liquide. He has written several books–including the classic Home Recording for Musicians–as well as thousands of articles. Anderton has also given seminars on technology and the arts in 37 states, 10 countries, and three languages. He has been involved with Guitar Player and Keyboard magazines since the mid ’70s, and started contributing to EQ magazine in 1991. For the past few years, Anderton has acted as Editor-at-Large for EQ and Keyboard, and contributes regularly to Pro Sound News, Performing Songwriter, Sound on Sound (UK), and Sound+Recording (Germany). Currently, he’s also Editor-in-Chief for

“The world of recording is changing, and magazines that don’t change cannot remain relevant,” said Anderton. “I’m not going to make any grand statements about ‘a new EQ;’ the magazine will speak for itself in the next several months. And we’re betting you’re going to like what it says.

“Some people wonder whether print is dead in the internet age. I firmly believe that web and print are different media, and one of our goals with EQ is to re-invent print to do what it does best. You’ll no longer see “laundry list” show reports, but analysis of trends by people who know the industry and its technology. We have some new ideas on how to handle reviews, and new ways to present applications (like “Power App Alley” did a few years back). EQ will focus on what really matters to recordists: Creating better recordings, improving workflow, making sense out of technology so it works for you instead of against you, and ultimately, getting your music heard.

“Many of you know me from my work with Harmony, so let me assure you working with EQ will strengthen both relationships–otherwise I would not have accepted this position. Similarly, my more directorial role with EQ allows me the time to continue to give seminars, play live, and consult. All of these activities help keep me excited about music and recording, and that excitement will spill over into EQ as well.”

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