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Cumbernauld, Scotland (April 4, 2011)--Cumbernauld College in Scotland has installed two SSL AWS 900+ SE consoles in its new recording complex.

Alan Moffat, lecturer, Cumbernauld CollegeCumbernauld, Scotland (April 4, 2011)–Cumbernauld College in Scotland has installed two SSL AWS 900+ SE consoles in its new recording complex.

The studio complex, for music recording, scoring and post production, consists of three control rooms servicing two studios. The main studio can accommodate a small orchestra or ensemble while the smaller room can hold a six-piece rock band. This configuration allows for scheduling efficiency while the two AWS consoles provide uniformity for teaching students. The AWS in the main control room is joined by an X-Rack filled with dynamics modules.

“We offer beginner courses for a certificate in Sound Production and degree courses in Commercial Sound Production covering every aspect of professional audio from music recording and post production to radio and game audio,” says Ronnie Gilmour, curriculum manager for creative industries at Cumbernauld College.

“We teach our students how to use an audio console, not how to operate a particular brand. We felt that the AWS offered a nice balance between a quality analogue signal path that is universally intuitive and a strong implementation of DAW control. The SSL Pro Tools integration was much better than the competition and, happily, the console package was slightly less expensive, so the AWS became the obvious choice on many levels.”

Gilmour continues, “The SSL sound is so pure that it really applies to anything we teach, so our outboard gear has become the go-to item for a particular coloration. The AWS consoles allow us to accurately craft sound and the students really appreciate the difference. Using the AWS was a sonic epiphany for returning students who were using our previous setup.”

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