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Cups N Strings Taps Archivist OConnell

Santa Monica, CA (November 7, 2006)--Bruce Maddocks, owner and chief engineer of Cups 'N Strings Studios, has appointed Marie O'Connell as chief audio archivist.

Santa Monica, CA (November 7, 2006)–Bruce Maddocks, owner and chief engineer of Cups ‘N Strings Studios, has appointed Marie O’Connell as chief audio archivist.

“We have been developing and expanding our archival division since we opened in 2002,” explained Maddocks. “With Marie heading the department we now have one of the very best analog restoration and preservation facilities available today.”

O’Connell has been a pioneer in audio restoration and archiving since 1994, when she supervised preservation of the 20,000 Open Reel Tape (ORT) collection housed at Sound Archives/Nga Taongu Korero in her native New Zealand. More recently, she designed and built the University of Southern Mississippi’s McCain Library Studios and was responsible for the preservation of the entire Civil Rights Era in Mississipi Audio Collection.

Cups ‘N Strings features multiple rooms for analog tape baking and archival restoration, with the capability to transfer all audio formats into digital storage. The collection of analog playback machines includes all professionally supported playback formats, including rare multi-channel head stacks and numerous obscure “pro-sumer” formats.

O’Connell invented the Isopropyl Drip Machine, an automatic system for treating, cleaning, and lubricating analog recording tape affected with “sticky shed” of the binders used to glue magnetic tape particles to the plastic base material. The sticky shed syndrome goes back to the 1970’s when most tape manufacturers changed the formulation of the binder. Unknowingly, the new formulation attracted moisture, and eventually enough accumulated to make the tape go “sticky.”

Recent projects at Cups ‘N Strings include audio archiving of several TV series from the 80’s and 90’s, selections from the Steely Dan, REM, and Nirvana catalogs, various Hawaiian recordings from the 60s – 90s for the Mountain Apple Company, catalog recordings of Ray Parker, Jr. (Ghostbusters), Cheryl Lynn (Got To Be Real), and Steven Greenberg (Funkytown).

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