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Danley Debuts Jericho Horn at InfoComm

Gainesville, GA (June 11, 2010)--Danley Sound Labs has introduced its  newoutput/full-range response Jericho Horn at InfoComm.

Gainesville, GA (June 11, 2010)–Danley Sound Labs has introduced its newoutput/full-range response Jericho Horn at InfoComm.

The Jericho Horn is built upon three patent-pending technologies – Synergy Horn, Paraline, and Shaded Amplitude Lens – and uses six 18-inch low-frequency drivers, six 6-inch mid-frequency drivers, and two 4-inch two-way high-frequency drivers, making it a true four-way design. Users have the option of adding 20,000 Watts of self-power and/or user-adjustable DSP.

The combination of the three Danley patent-pending technologies reportedly enable a single Genesis or Jericho Horn to supply even coverage out to multiple hundreds of feet. Danley states that Shaded Amplitude Lens Technology allows as much as 20 dB of gain out of a single cabinet, to be evenly distributed over a very large listening plane.

The Jericho Horn is the brainchild of Tom Danley, who developed the Synergy Horn technology employed in the company’s flagship SH-50 full-range loudspeaker, along with the Paraline and Shaded Amplitude Lens technologies.

“In every respect, the Jericho Horn is a vastly better alternative to the problematic line array solution that the industry has ‘settled’ for,” said Mike Hedden, president of Danley Sound Labs. “Its output is monstrous, yet so pleasant to listen to. There is nothing comparable on the planet. I challenge any line array solution, at any price, to even approach the Jericho Horn’s performance. This is reference quality typically only heard at close distances, yet being delivered at hundreds of feet away. It occurs to me that for a time, slide rules were indispensable to engineers, physicists, and others who worked with numbers; but then something better came along, and they don’t use slide rules anymore. It will come as no surprise that I view line arrays as the slide rules of the sound reinforcement industry.”

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