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DAS Flies with Aero 12A

Valencia, Spain (June 5, 2009)--D.A.S. has launched its Aero 12A compact line-array system, which joins the Aero Series2 family of professional sound touring products.

Valencia, Spain (June 5, 2009)–D.A.S. has launched its Aero 12A compact line-array system, which joins the Aero Series2 family of professional sound touring products.

The system incorporates a battery of features like Class D power amplification, digital signal processing and D.A.S. components.

Signal processing is accomplished by way of a 24-bit DSP. Wavelet analysis provides time-frequency representation is combined with adjustment of the Digital Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters. The Aero 12A incorporates a new D.A.S. 12LN4C 12-inch, low-frequency transducer. The 12LNC4 employs a 75mm (3-inch) voice coil and neodymium magnet motor assembly. Heat evacuation is achieved by way of the Total Air Flow (TAF) cooling scheme.

High-frequency reproduction relies on the D.A.S. M-75N neodymium compression driver designed for use in applications where high SPL and low distortion are required. A pure titanium diaphragm featuring a 75 mm copper-clad, aluminum flat-wire voice coil reportedly yields high sensitivity, low distortion and extended frequency response. A copper shorting ring surrounding the pole piece is said to reduce eddy-current-induced distortion with the added benefit of increasing the very high-frequency output by reducing the inductive rise of the voice coil. The driver is attached to a BPS-9010 aluminum waveguide-horn assembly.

The portable enclosure is manufactured using birch plywood and finished with black paint. The Aero 12’s trapezoidal shape and rear-located splay angle adjusters keep the front spacing between adjacent elements the same, reportedly providing the array with a “seamless” front baffle, for improved array performance. The captive rigging system splay angles range from 0-10 degrees and can be adjusted in 0.5-degree increments from 0-3 degrees, and 1-degree increments from 3-10 degrees allowing a wide range of column curvatures to be accomplished.

A new rigging bumper has been developed which also can be used to fly or ground-stack the Aero 12A by way of the optional KITGS-AERO12 ground-stacking kit, which provides three adjustable pods, four rigging guides and quick-release pins. A rigging adapter (AX-COMBO12) allows the Aero 12A to be flown under other Aero units as a down-fill system. To facilitate vertical stacking, a steel dolly, which can hold six Aero 12A units, is also available.

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