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Deadmau5 Takes Orpheus to Clubland

London, UK (March 24, 2010)--Toronto-based DJ and remixer Deadmau5 has invested in Prism Sound's Orpheus FireWire recording interface.

London, UK (March 24, 2010)–Toronto-based DJ and remixer Deadmau5 has invested in Prism Sound’s Orpheus FireWire recording interface.

“I first heard about it at 2009’s WMC where I had a chat with one of the reps at a booth at the National Hotel,” says Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman. “I did a lot of online research about A/D D/A quality and Prism Sound just kept coming up at the top of the list, so I finally pulled the trigger on one last month.”

Over the last four years, the Grammy-nominated Zimmerman has become something of a clubland phenomenon, releasing a string of hits including “Faxing Berlin,” “Ghosts N Stuff” and “I Remember,” a collaboration with American producer Kaskade. He’s currently at work in LA with various artists on his next album.

His favorite feature of the Orpheus is the driver support for x64 operating systems on both Windows and Mac. “I tend to swing both ways when it comes to my operating systems of choice for both live and studio use,” he says. “And the fact that it only took me two minutes to migrate the same card from PC to Mac made me smile a bit.”

Zimmerman was most recently seen performing live at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and a UK tour in early May is already nearly sold out. To date he has been mostly using the Orpheus as an A/D converter in the studio, but has plans on using it as a D/A for his new live show too. “The Orpheus gets nine out of 10 for ease of use,” he says. “Having been around the block a few times with various DADs, it was pretty easy to just plug it in, boot up the control panel and just start rocking out with it.”

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