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DeLoria Jumps Into Void

Portland, OR (April 10, 2009)--Void Acoustics has appointed industry veteran Ken DeLoria as vice president, sales and marketing.

Portland, OR (April 10, 2009)–Void Acoustics has appointed industry veteran Ken DeLoria as vice president, sales and marketing.

Void is a designer and manufacturer of professional audio systems for the installed and live sound markets; DeLoria will head up the company’s U.S. subsidiary, Void Acoustics USA, based in Portland, OR.

Alex Skan, managing director of Void Acoustics, commented, “Ken DeLoria agreeing to join our company marks a significant turning point in Void’s evolution. The timing could not be more relevant, as we’re experiencing a near-explosion in growth, across product development, sales and new-market penetration. Ken’s overall expertise and 30 years’ professional audio experience, which included founding and running Apogee Sound Incorporated, will help us achieve our maximum potential. With his career encompassing sales, marketing, design, touring and product definition, Ken’s ability to navigate the ever-changing needs of the marketplace, and to provide customers with effective, real-world solutions, is second to none.”

DeLoria stated, “I’m very happy to have found a home at Void. The company has a fresh and exciting approach to product design, and that means everything to me. Void loudspeakers and amplifiers are sonically highly effective, and are built with skill and precision using premium components and materials throughout. But what sets Void far ahead of the pack, is the sheer artistry of the company’s designs. Void’s groundbreaking visual concepts, coupled with superb electrical and electro-acoustical performance capabilities, make it a company like no other.

“When Alex Skan invited me to visit Void’s U.K. headquarters, I was intrigued. During my visit, I had the opportunity to view the company as it operates on a day-to-day basis, to examine components and materials first-hand, and to listen to the company’s many loudspeaker and amplifier designs as critically as possible. I couldn’t have been more satisfied! This creative young company has effectively redefined the loudspeaker and amplifier industry. It’s now my task to show the world where the future of sound is headed.”

Under this new arrangement, DeLoria will be running the U.S. subsidiary, which will serve not only the U.S., but also Central and South America, Canada and Mexico, while also acting as a liaison point for numerous other territories. DeLoria concluded, “As successful as Void has been to date, we still have a lot more ground to conquer. My mission is to bring Void’s innovative designs, impeccable sound quality and astounding aesthetics to the key markets throughout the world, to make it a better-sounding place.”

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