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DiGiCo Group One Move LA Office To Vegas

Las Vegas (December 3, 2009)--DiGiCo and Group One Ltd. have moved their Los Angeles office to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas (December 3, 2009)–DiGiCo and Group One Ltd. have moved their Los Angeles office to Las Vegas.

Spearheaded by Taidus and Amy Vallandi, the Los Angeles office was opened in 2003 to handle DiGiCo’s technical sales. The new offices are located at 1542 Juniper Twig Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89183; Direct Office 702.269.8202; Fax 310.531.7342; Cell 310.980.6356.

“Taidus and Amy have been the driving force behind the world-class technical support that DiGiCo customers have become accustom to,” commented Jack Kelly, President of Group One Ltd. “Their track record of understanding ‘show-time’ and the need for critical support at all hours of the day—whether it is to walk someone through a simple application question on the phone, or the need ship out a spare part, or to get on the next available flight to be onsite—has been invaluable to us and to our customers. The easy flight access from Las Vegas, both commercially and private, and the concentration of current and future Group One customers, makes this move ideal for us as a company, as well as being the right move for Taidus and Amy.”

Over the years, Taidus—a veteran systems tech/touring engineer and a founding shareholder of DiGiCo UK—has played an integral part in the development of DiGiCo products. In 2001, he designed and road-tested a new control surface while on tour with Rod Stewart. His work was later incorporated into the D5 digital console, which launched the new DiGiCo company (formerly Soundtracs) and led to his retirement from the road and into full-time employment as DiGiCo’s Technical Sales Manager in 2002.

Vallandi got his start in 1988 with Westfalen Sound, a German production company. Over the subsequent 12 years, he worked on European tours with artists including Prince, Genesis, Phil Collins, Joe Cocker, James Brown, Deep Purple and Jethro Tull. Additionally, he handled FOH for 1,300 shows over the course of five years for the European touring production of The Phantom of the Opera, as well as on historic German appearances by Pope John Paul II and then-president Bill Clinton.

Subsequently, he began a lengthy partnership with famed production manager, Lars Brogaard in the late ‘90s, working again as systems tech/engineer on European/UK tours with Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, Deep Purple with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Simply Red, and Marilyn Manson.

He has served as a product/sound design consultant for a host of major pro audio companies such as Electro-Voice (X-Line system), Klark Teknik/Midas (crossovers), AKG (wireless systems). In 1994, he worked closely with L-Acoustics to launch its V-Dosc line-array sound reinforcement system developed by Dr. Christian Heil. Vallandi implemented the first V-Dosc system live on tour with Supertramp on the band’s reunion tour in 1995/96. In 1999, he was brought in as a consultant on the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney Australia, working with Audio Director and famed audio designer, Bruce Jackson (Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen).

Amy Vallandi’s role as sales and service support helps maintain the Group One and DiGiCo brands by making certain that those departments are supported with the products and demo gear required to grow the business. Adds Kelly, “Amy’s extensive touring background—as a former tour caterer for Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney—and her organizational skill and experience in the live market are invaluable for DiGiCo and the level of customer service we provide.”


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