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DiGiCo Teams With Mick Anderson Consulting

Surrey, U.K. (August 11, 2008)--Having completed a management buyout, swiftly followed by the production of the SD7 digital mixing, DiGiCo has signed an agreement with Mick Anderson Consulting.

James Gordon (left) with Mick Anderson.Surrey, U.K. (August 11, 2008)–Having completed a management buyout, swiftly followed by the production of the SD7 digital mixing, DiGiCo has signed an agreement with Mick Anderson Consulting.

Anderson explains how the association with DiGiCo came into being: “It’s a story from a while ago that puts DiGiCo’s MD, James Gordon, and myself in a car park in the middle of Europe discussing the meaning of life,” Anderson recalls.

That was 14 years ago, but the pair clicked and Anderson has kept in touch with Gordon since that time. Although it has taken until the early part of this year to formalize the arrangement, Anderson has, from time to time, offered some pieces of sage advice. “Four years ago, I made an introduction–purely out of friendship–to a set of individuals I thought would benefit DiGiCo’s long-term goals,” says Anderson.

“The introduction was to Group Technologies, and it certainly has benefited us,” adds Gordon. “They’re passionate about what they do, and they take care of their customers. I think the results in Australia speak for themselves. From that, it became obvious that Mick had contacts in the market that we didn’t necessarily have, plus a wealth of knowledge of different regions, which is something that, as we grow the business, we know we need.”

Anderson has worked in the industry since the age of 17, initially because a group of friends won a record contract. “My brother and I stepped in to help them through the bits they didn’t know, like setting up their equipment, getting from A to B on time and things like that,” he remembers.

The role evolved into a 20-year stint in PA rental, with 10 years as MD at leading audio rental company, Concert Sound. From there, Anderson took the decision to get more directly involved with manufacturers, building their reputations and relationships on a global level. “This has led to having a network of very good distributors throughout the world,” he says. “However, part of what we do at Mick Anderson Consulting is to give clarity of vision. Sometimes, when you’re deep in the middle of something, it’s very difficult to have the time more than anything else to stand back and say, ‘Where are we going?’

“For DiGiCo, this comes under the heading of international business development. These skills are nothing that DiGiCo doesn’t already have, but the company is growing very fast, so they’re doing exactly the right thing: where they require a little expert help, they’re bringing it in from the outside. We have a lot of contacts, we know the markets, we know the product categories well, and therefore, we can come in fast with help and information.”

“It’s nice to have someone who knows the industry well, who I’ve known for a long time and who everyone I speak to has a very high regard for,” smiles Gordon. “Mick is a man of his word, very straightforward and gets the job done. This allows me to focus more on some of the other aspects of the business, while still knowing that the sales side is going to expand in the proportion required.

“Mick understands what my personal expectations are as well as what the company needs. It’s a very reassuring thing to have. As a company, we have a vision of where we want to go, and Mick is the right person to help us get there.”

“DiGiCo is a very fine organization with a good set of people,” concludes Anderson. “The skills I have will sit very well with what’s already available in-house to make us more efficient and tight and ready to face the markets that we work in and love so much.”