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DiGiCo Up The Sugar Creek

Sugar Land, TX (June 6, 2008)--Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land, TX, recently added a DiGiCo CS-D5 at FOH.

Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land, TX, recently added a DiGiCo CS-D5 at FOH.Sugar Land, TX (June 6, 2008)–Sugar Creek Baptist Church in Sugar Land, TX, recently added a DiGiCo CS-D5 at FOH.

Key criteria included that the desk could handle 120 inputs and mixing 65 to 75 channels for its weekly rehearsals, Sunday services (with an attendance of approximately 3,500) and occasional special events, while being easy enough for the volunteer team to operate.

Involved in the audio decision were Rick Russell, director of technical production and technical production assistants, John Austin and Nya Dillard. “We looked at many digital consoles,” says Russell, “and after discussing which would best fit our needs and what was going to grow as we grew, DiGiCo’s network flexibility, which would serve as multiple consoles including that of a broadcast desk, coupled with ease of use, is what sealed the deal. The learning curve for our volunteer audio staff mixing on Sundays has been really quick. In fact, many of them have mixed on it on their first week, so it’s been a real blessing to see them grow as we grow. Overall, from a setup and configuration perspective, we can do everything we need, and then some, with the CS-D5.”

The DiGiCo CS-D5 allowed them to condense their channel count overall-for the three services it offers on Sunday morning, in addition to a host of several special events occurring during the course of the week. “This allowed us to save what we did on Sunday, have a totally different set up during the week, and be able to snap right back to what we had Wednesday night when we left rehearsals.”

Currently, Sugar Creek is using the CS-D5’s internal effects exclusively, but is looking to add some external effects mainly for vocals. “We used the IPCs to set the timing of the subs and overall EQ. We’re also using the IPCs as an insert on the group that our choir mics are in to help ring out the mics as a group.”

The services are recorded in stereo to CD and DVD and are available for sale in the bookstore directly following the services. In addition, Russell says they send a slightly modified mix from the FOH console directly to the Final Cut and DVD recorders, which are then posted online each week for visitors and members to review. In the future, there are plans to add an RME interface to multitrack 96 channels every week. “This will give us the opportunity to extend rehearsal after the musician’s leave, as well as record special events to mix down in our studio later for future use.”

Not surprisingly, Russell says they experienced a noticeable difference in sonic quality after making the switch. “We heard a big improvement in the sonic quality over our old analog console. The entire low end of the mix has tightened up, really improving our drum and bass clarity. The musicians on stage have commented on the clarity of Avioms and more of them are willing to use in-ear monitoring because of the change. The word a lot of people are using around the church is ‘transparent.'”

Sugar Creek Baptist Church