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Digidesign Debuts Venue SC48

New York (May 6, 2009)--Avid has released its latest Digidesign-brand live sound console: the Venue SC48, aimed at small to mid-sized houses of worship, clubs, and corporate A/V companies.

At the launch of the Digidesign
SC48 were (l-r): Robert Scovill,
Senior market specialist, Venue
Live Sound Sales, Digidesign;
And from Saddleback Church, Eric
Kibbe, audio manager and Greg
Baker, technical director.
New York (May 6, 2009)–Avid has released its latest Digidesign live sound console: the Venue SC48, aimed at small to mid-sized houses of worship, clubs, and corporate A/V companies.

The desk, unveiled at a press conference in New York City yesterday, ships today and will make its trade show debut at InfoComm in Orlando next month. Like its larger predecesors, the Venue SC48 runs the same Venue D-Show software and combines I/O, digital signal processing and built-in support for a number of plug-ins, but new features include:

• Channel Control allows access, display and adjustment to any channel parameter with the click of a button. Any eight parameters can be assigned to the color-coded framework for immediate access during the mix.
• Center Flex Channel provides immediate access to any key input, such as a lead vocalist’s microphone, without having to go through fader layers.
• VCA and Group Spill provides control and quick access to grouped channels within a mix by focusing the control surface layout to match the logical groupings created by VCA and Group style mixing.
• Professional Plug-In Support enables customers to install and use software plug-ins re-create and recall an artist’s signature studio sound during a “live” performance.
• Direct Connection to Pro Tools LE.

“The sonic quality of the SC48 far surpasses any other digital desk I’ve mixed on and has really helped us improve our finished product,” said Eric Kibbe, audio manager and mixer of Saddleback Church (Lake Forest, CA), who was in attendance at the press conference. “Our services often change on the fly, and the size, flexibility and layout of SC48 enables me to work more quickly to address things in the mixes that were never before possible.”

All Venue systems, including the Venue SC48, Mix Rack, Profile and D-Show, use the same Venue D-Show software, allowing customers to easily transition show files between any system in the Venue product line within a familiar interface.

“We realize that our wide spectrum of customers have different requirements and with the Venue SC48 we’ve been able to advance our popular Venue platform to meet the specific needs of customers in smaller to mid-sized applications, at an aggressive price point,” said Tex Schenkkan, Avid’s vice president and general manager, audio. “Venue SC48’s open architecture also enables our customers to integrate the console with industry-leading creative tools–truly enhancing the creative process of sound mixing.”