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DK Launches Loudness Meter Promotion

Copenhagen, Denmark (May 21, 2010)--DK-Technologies has launched a promotion that allows audio engineers metering loudness to "see what you hear."

Copenhagen, Denmark (May 21, 2010)–DK-Technologies has launched a promotion that allows audio engineers metering loudness to “see what you hear.”

Thanks to the introduction of a new software upgrade, existing DK customers can adapt their audio meters so that the display shows loudness in a clear format, while still showing any of the usual DK metering scales. No matter what loudness measurement standard is adopted, all DK meters will be upgradable to accommodate those recommendations.

“Despite claims made by some manufacturers, DK is the only metering company on the market that has grasped this thorny issue and made sense of it,” says DK’s sales and marketing director Richard Kelley. “Our software already incorporates the 400 Hz and 1 kHz reference frequencies that are likely to be adopted by the broadcast and advertising authorities, and we are making it very easy for customers to upgrade so that they don’t have to invest in costly new meters to meet future requirements.”

DK customers that already own an audio meter in the MSD100C or MSD200C series can apply for a voucher that allows them to upgrade their software for a discount. These vouchers will be available from the DK booths at AES London (1207) and IBC 2010. They are also available via the DK website and through various on-line promotions in conjunction with the media.

Upgrades for the MSD600M++ and the PT0760M are also available through local DK dealers, a list of which can be found on the DK website.

“There is no doubt that loudness is currently a hot topic for the broadcast and post production industries, which is why we are making it a priority in terms of product development,” Richard Kelley adds. “With this new upgrade, customers can literally see what they hear, to any current or future standard, on a very simple display.”