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DMC Upgrades with Riedel

Wuppertal, Germany (September 7, 2010)--Amsterdam-based broadcast content distributor Digital Media Centre (DMC) has upgraded with a Riedel Communications system.

Wuppertal, Germany (September 7, 2010)–Amsterdam-based broadcast content distributor Digital Media Centre (DMC) has upgraded with a Riedel Communications system.

Riedel Communications installed a Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom installation with VoIP telephone and professional mobile radio integration at DMC, which is one of Europe’s providers of channel playout services, TV distribution and content delivery.

The main requirements for the installation were the integration of VoIP telephones and enough connections for the previous system’s 4-wire signals. Further, the transition to the new system needed to be completed as fast as possible to prevent downtime.

At the core of the system is a Riedel Artist 128 mainframe providing connections for 40 x 4-wire signals via Riedel Artist AIO client cards. Due to Artist’s modular approach, the system can be expanded up to 1,024 x 1,024 non-blocking ports. Forty-two Riedel Artist 1000 series rackmount control panels are being used; the control panels provide digital audio in broadcast quality via AES. Six Artist 5000 series control panels were also installed.

SIP-compatible VoIP telephone servers can now be integrated into the Riedel Artist digital matrix intercom system. As a result, it is possible to call any VoIP telephone within the network directly from an Artist key panel. It is also possible to call Artist panels from a VoIP telephone.

“The most crucial points for us were a fast and seamless installation and reliable operation. Riedel did an excellent job on this. Plus, the Riedel Director configuration software for Artist intercoms allows for a fast and easy programming via drag & drop. This helps a lot in daily operation–especially with the extensive monitoring features like Director’s Live View,” said Olivier Beets, broadcast engineer at the DMC.

A Riedel RiFace radio interface integrates the floor manager’s radio network into the wired communications infrastructure. After two days of installation, the Riedel intercom system is now in operation.

Riedel Communications