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DPA Adds to Its 4099 Performance Mics

Longmont, CO (June 28, 2010)--DPA Microphones has added new mounts to its 4099 series of performance mics.

DPA 4099-B on bassLongmont, CO (June 28, 2010)–DPA Microphones has added new mounts to its 4099 series of performance mics.

The mounts designed specifically for instruments in the bass family, included with the 4099-B microphone system; and a smaller version for the cello family, included with the 4099-C microphone system. They join the mounts previously released for the guitar family (4099-G), violin (4099-V), sax (4099-S), and brass (4099-T) families.

The microphones feature supercardioid polar patterns capable of handling high SPLs, up to 152 dB. The gooseneck provides “stable positioning to ensure the microphone will never stray from the instrument’s sweet spot.” The mics can be unclipped and repositioned or moved to another instrument with only one hand, while the mounting system is designed never to mar or scratch the finish of the instrument.

The 4099 system includes one connection adapter. Two different XLR adapters using 48V phantom power with balanced output are available, one with flat frequency response for instruments with extended low frequency, and one with an 80 Hz roll-off to help minimize handling noise. Additionally, the adapter line includes a full range of adapters that make the 4099 compatible with virtually any wireless system currently available.

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