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DPA Goes Mobile with 5100 Surround Mic

Longmont, CO (May 12, 2009)--DPA Microphones has debuted its 5100 mobile surround microphone for 5.1 recording.

Longmont, CO (May 12, 2009)–DPA Microphones has debuted its 5100 mobile surround microphone for 5.1 recording.

Targeted for capturing surround ambience for HDTV, the standalone “plug and play” 5100 can be mounted on a camera or microphone stand, suspended or handheld, and reportedly requires no additional signal processing.

The 5100 mic employs five miniature pressure transducers that, according to the company, exhibit low sensitivity to wind and mechanical noise, low distortion, consistent low-frequency response and wide dynamic range. Optimum channel separation and directionality are achieved through a combination of DPA’s proprietary DiPMic (Directional Pressure Microphone) technology, which mounts interference tubes on the L/C/R capsules, and the use of acoustic baffles that further preserve the accuracy of levels between the discrete analog output channels.

“We are very excited about this new mobile surround microphone, which we anticipate will become a standard tool for the production of 5.1 audio,” says DPA’s sales and marketing director, Poul Koza. “The unit is primarily designed for (HDTV) television surround sound production to add surround ambience, especially in connection with sports events, ambience recording at different venues and documentaries. However, everyone who produces surround sound can take advantage of this unit.”

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