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Drew’s Adds Davis

Edison, NJ (February 22, 2011)--Drew's Entertainment has named George Davis as the company's new Director of Creative Licensing and Digital Strategy.

Edison, NJ (February 22, 2011)–Drew’s Entertainment has named George Davis as the company’s new Director of Creative Licensing and Digital Strategy.

In his new position, Davis will oversee master-use licensing of the company’s catalog for synchronization purposes, and will also handle the company’s catalog management and acquisitions, digital music sales and marketing efforts (through the company’s digital distributors), business development and contract negotiations.

Prior to joining Drew’s Entertainment, Davis was a contracted digital licensing agent with the Warner Music Group (WMG) based in New York. There, he was charged with a high-priority project, “Black Box Mechanical Licensing.” In his position, Davis served as liaison between WMG and various publishers to determine composition controlled splits, ensuring accurate reporting on “top earner” releases. In the years preceding his position with WMG, Davis held a series of executive positions within the music, advertising and public relations industries.

Drew’s Entertainment controls over 70,000 master recordings through which it licenses, creates, produces and sells recorded music for all seasons, media, themes, events, trends and holidays. The company’s music compilations have sold over 40 million copies since its founding.

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