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Earthworks Dresses Up Jack’s Mannequin Piano

Milford, NH (April 29, 2010)--Andrew McMahon, pianist and lead vocalist for Jack's Mannequin, has been using an Earthworks PM40 PianoMic system on tour.

Milford, NH (April 29, 2010)–Andrew McMahon, pianist and lead vocalist for Jack’s Mannequin, has been using an Earthworks PM40 PianoMic system on tour.

Originally hailing from Orange County, CA, Jack’s Mannequin formed in 2004. The band began as a side project of Something Corporate frontman Andrew McMahon, and comprises guitarist Bobby Anderson, bassist Jon Sullivan, and drummer Jay McMillan. Having recently finished a headlining tour in the United States, McMahon continues his activities with Something Corporate.

With a schedule this hectic, McMahon was searching for a means of miking the piano that would provide greater consistency of sound while being easy to implement, and began using an Earthworks PM40 in February.

“I’ve been traveling with uprights and grand pianos for nearly 10 years,” McMahon said. “It has always been a struggle to find quality miking solutions for the piano, especially considering regular nightclub gigs where the backline tends to be fairly close to the piano.”

McMahon reports that the PM40’s telescoping bar, which spans the piano over the strings and is supported at the ends by the piano case, beats anything else he previously encountered. “The ease of installation is huge.” he says. “The PM40’s ability to really capture the true nature of the piano is without equal.”

McMahon’s piano sound is unique and is not easily duplicated, as he explained. “We use a combination of miking elements as well as MIDI to create the entire piano sound,” McMahon reports. “With that said, it was the final addition of the Earthworks PM40 that really left me and my sound crew feeling like we’d finally tamed the beast!”

“The fact that the PM40 really doesn’t require tech support may be the best compliment of all,” FOH engineer Quake notes. “The system couldn’t be easier to install and, once you angle the two mics the way you want them, you’re pretty much done. If you want, you can close the lid for better isolation and, if you need to move the piano around on stage, you don’t have to mess around re-positioning mic—stands because there are none. The PM40 is a great sounding, easy-to-use piano miking system that never gets in the way.”

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