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EastWest Composers Collection Ships

Frankfurt, Germany (March 12, 2008)--Aimed at music, TV, film and game composers using Native Instruments' Kompakt/Kontakt software, EastWest has released more than 130 GB of virtual instruments in one package with the Complete Composers Collection for Kompakt/Kontakt, which will start shipping at Musikmesse 2008.

Frankfurt, Germany (March 12, 2008)–Aimed at music, TV, film and game composers using Native Instruments’ Kompakt/Kontakt software, EastWest has released more than 130 GB of virtual instruments in one package with the Complete Composers Collection for Kompakt/Kontakt, which will start shipping at Musikmesse 2008.

The Complete Composers Collection features seven of the company’s virtual instrument collections along with Native Instruments’ Kompakt player (Kontakt 2.2 or higher is required for Intel Macs, not included). Virtual instrument libraries featured in Complete Composers Collection include:

• Symphonic Orchestra Gold Complete (Gold Edition and Gold Pro Expansion [Gold PRO XP]), recorded by Grammy-winning classical recording engineer Prof. Keith O. Johnson;

• Symphonic Choirs, the first 24-bit choir virtual instrument to include three simultaneous stereo microphone setups (close, stage and hall), according to the manufacturer;

• Colossus, a 32 GB virtual instrument that includes 160 instruments and covers all basic musical genres;

• Ra, a collection of ethnic instruments from Africa, Americas and Australia, Europe, Far East, Middle East and the Turkish Empire, and India;

• Stormdrum, a 6 GB collection of loops and multi-samples from three percussionists;

• Percussive Adventures 2, designed for film, TV, game and music composers and including lengthy and evolving rhythmic terrains edited into loop segments, alternate mixes and completely isolated layers; and

• Bösendorfer 290, a piano library featuring up to 16 velocity layers, true release samples, true re-pedalling and close and ambient microphone positions.

“With the Complete Composers Collection, you can use the included Native Instrument’s Kompakt player, or import the collections into Kontakt, while being able to experience the superior sonic quality of EastWest products,” says EastWest Founder and Producer Doug Rogers. “Whether you’re a composing novice or veteran, our Complete Composers Collection is the most affordable way to round out your sound collection.”

In other news from EastWest, the company has announced that Quantum Leap Pianos is in stock and ready for shipping. More than half a half a million Euros’ worth of pianos are included in the collection, all recorded by Rogers and EastWest/Quantum Leap producer Nick Phoenix.

These include a $225,000 Bechstein D-280 Concert Grand, the same kind of piano engineer/producer Ken Scott used to record Elton John, David Bowie, and Supertramp. EastWest invited Scott to engineer the Bechstein’s close-miked recordings to provide users with a cutting, dynamic pop/rock piano sound, in addition to the variety of other piano sounds included in the collection.

Other pianos featured in the library include a Steinway D Concert Grand; a Bösendorfer 290 Concert Grand; and a Yamaha C7.

“Quantum Leap Pianos is an innovative collection featuring the finest pianos captured with state-of-the-art recording equipment in a world-class studio,” stated Rogers and Phoenix. “We personally own three of these pianos, and were able to match the sound of the Virtual Instruments to the sound of the actual pianos during production. We have developed a comprehensive set of fantastic piano sounds that will enable songwriters and composers to make recordings limited only by their creativity.”

Users can install one, two, three or all four pianos on their computer’s hard drive. The collection also provides three microphone positions per piano as well as ten to 16 velocities per note (and with soft pedal, sustain pedal, and soft sustain). In addition, every piano offers 16 distinct staccato velocities.

Repetition samples are taken from 180 BPM performances and the software detects true repetitions. Pedal resonance was recorded for every note at multiple velocities, as well as with the soft pedal down. Proprietary resonance was captured on the Bösendorfer. True multi-velocity soft pedal samples with and without sustain pedal are also included, as well as release samples with software envelope follower.

The Quantum Leap Pianos library was recorded at EastWest Studios, formerly Cello Studios and site of the United-Western Studios in Hollywood, with three user-controllable microphone positions for each piano. Every sample was recorded in a proper piano environment with vintage Neumann microphones, a vintage Neve 8078 console, and Meitner analog-to-digital converters.

EastWest/Quantum Leap