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Huntington Beach, CA (March 28, 2011)--Engineer Alek Edmonds has added a pair of KK audio labs DS-8 monitors at his studio in Seattle, WA. 

Huntington Beach, CA (March 28, 2011)–Engineer Alek Edmonds has added a pair of KK audio labs DS-8 monitors at his studio in Seattle, WA.

Edmonds, a longtime fan of studio monitor designs by KK audio labs founder Keith R. Klawitter, is a former staff engineer at Paramount Studios and recently relocated from Los Angeles. His new room is located within the IQ Beats music production house in Seattle.

“Compared to the other monitors that I tested, they delivered a more natural sound,” says Edmonds of the KK audio labs DS-8 eight-inch, two-way powered monitors. “These speakers combine the best elements of Klawitter’s previous designs. Once I started mixing on them, everything that came back was true.”

Edmonds comments that he typically alternates between two pairs of monitors while working: “The DS-8s are not fatiguing, so I can mix on them for a long time. I can mix on them for eight hours and my ears aren’t as beat up as when I use other speakers.”

He also notes that the KK audio labs monitors are consistently accurate regardless of volume levels. “I’ve noticed that with some powered monitors, at low levels, they don’t really hold up. You have to get them in that middle-level range before you hear them do their thing. But I like the DS-8s, because you can still mix at a low level-and if you turn them up, they’re still true.”

Edmonds was previously a staff engineer at Paramount Recording in L.A. for five years, where he worked with a broad spectrum of artists, including Lil’ John, Sean Kingston, Ludacris, Snoop Dog, Mary J. Blige, Avril Lavigne, Grace Potter, the Steve Miller Band, RZA, Swizz Beats, Devo, Cobra Starship and Grammy-nominated Ryan Leslie, to name a few. More recently, he has started working with up and coming bands such as Tomten, Slender Means and the Small Hours.

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