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Electro-Voice N/DYM UHF Wireless Microphone System

Electro-Voice (EV), famous for its loudspeakers and microphones, now offers an affordable UHF wireless mic system.

Electro-Voice (EV), famous for its loudspeakers and microphones, now offers an affordable UHF wireless mic system.


EV’s N/DYM UHF Wireless with ClearScan system features both a handheld and lavalier microphone for its transmitter section, along with a half-rack-space receiver.

An innovative feature of the N/DYM wireless is ClearScan, which is activated by a channel-set button. When the button is held for three seconds, the receiver searches for an unused frequency on which to operate. When held for ten seconds, a channel lock engages, preventing midprogram channel changes.

Signal from the receiver is conveyed by a standard mic cable attached to the rear panel; the outboard power pack is attached by a 12V connector.

The handheld mic/ transmitter, model NRU-N2 ($804), uses a proprietary microphone capsule, the N/D 267a, which is a dynamic mic with a cardioid pattern. Its controls are simple, featuring a capsule on/off switch, a transmitter on/off switch and a recessed 10-channel selector rotary dial.

The door of the 9 V battery compartment is on the very bottom of the unit, and easily opens for access, and closes securely. Just below the microphone capsule is the internal gain control.

The lavalier or clip-on mic capsule, available in omni or cardioid pattern, attaches to the transmitter/beltpack with a standard miniature 4-pin connector. The beltpack has a rubber antenna that protrudes upward from the top surface and extends about 4 inches.

On the top surface of the beltpack are the switches controlling the transmitter on/off and the mic capsule on/off functions. Both the handheld and lavalier transmitter broadcast in the A Band, 710 to 722 MHz range (B Band 722 to 734 MHz also available).

The receiver is equally simple to use. It features two swivel-mount antennas, a recessed input sensitivity control, an LED channel readout, an antenna diversity function LED and a transmitter-on LED.

In use

While providing audio for a Labor Day festival featuring local and regional talent, my company used the musicians to test the handheld unit, and hypnotists and magicians to test the clip-on unit. I patched all the necessary ingredients with great ease. The manual for the N/DYM system was very easy to understand.

The handheld sounded very nice – the EV microphone capsule was smooth and friendly sounding. The ClearScan function worked flawlessly, securing a clean, unencumbered frequency in seconds. When one of the performers accidentally dropped the handheld unit, the battery door stayed shut and there was no interruption of service.

The lavalier unit was easily concealed under a costume, and the good-sized microphone on/off switch was easily identifiable and friendly to operate. The system we used was an NRU-20 bodypack with ULM-20 cardioid lavalier condenser and windscreen ($828); it responded quite clearly and intelligibly on an outdoor stage. The windscreen was effective in keeping 15 mph wind noise to a minimum.


The EV N/DYM wireless system has quality, durable construction, and is friendly to use. Both the handheld and lavalier transmitters sounded smooth with no RF hits or clicks, and the transmitters and receiver maintained very good signal quality from point to point.

A series of N/DYM wired microphones are also available from EV.

Contact: Electro-Voice at 952-884-4051,