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Electro-Voice Outfits GaREAT Complex

Geneva, OH (August 26, 2010)--The GaREAT Sports Complex recently outfitted its new stadium with a combination of wall-mounted and pole-mounted Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems.

Geneva, OH (August 26, 2010)–The GaREAT Sports Complex recently outfitted its new stadium with a combination of wall-mounted and pole-mounted Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems.

Operated by the non-profit Geneva Area Recreational, Educational, Athletic Trust, the site is an ambitious undertaking. Started just two years ago, the multi-sport recreational facility on a 175-acre campus already encompasses more than 450,000 square feet of indoor fields, courts, and tracks for year-round practices and competitions, as well as an outdoor stadium with a field and a track. Sound throughout the facility, which also includes dining and meeting rooms, has been handled by Paladin Professional Sound of Valley View, Ohio, working in cooperation with manufacturers’ representatives C. L. Pugh & Associates of Brunswick, Ohio.

Electro-Voice equipment has been installed throughout the facility including the sound system for the brand-new stadium. Used for football, lacrosse, soccer, and track, the stadium is home to the region’s semi-pro football team and also hosts practices, games, and events for local leagues and high school and collegiate teams. The outdoor system was configured as a combination of wall-mounted and pole-mounted Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems.

“Geneva is in the snow belt,” says Paladin’s John Davidson, who led the design and installation effort, “and these speakers are going to have to stand up to some of the harshest weather in the country. These EV speakers can take the weather extremes, and they can also be pole mounted, which was an important consideration in our design.”

For bleacher coverage, Paladin chose 18 Electro-Voice ZX5 15-inch, two-way, composite-enclosure loudspeakers – nine each on the stadium-facing walls of the buildings that bracket the long sides of the space. “We wanted the system to sound noticeably better than what people would typically run into, even at college and professional sports facilities,” Davidson says, “and the sonic quality of the ZX5 is awesome. We also needed speakers that don’t weigh too much, to avoid harming the steel siding, so the composite body of the ZX series is a great advantage. And the design of the mounting bracket also helped us achieve a stable mount without damaging the siding.”

For on-field coverage, including events for which a stage is set on the field and amphitheater seating is set up in an end zone, Paladin pole-mounted more composite-enclosure systems from Electro-Voice: a total of eight SX600 high-output, dual 12-inch, two-way, full-range systems and six Electro-Voice Sb122 12-inch subwoofers (in a directional cluster of three in each end zone). The setup is powered by Electro-Voice CPS 4.10 Contractor Precision Series amplifiers. The amplifiers are each outfitted with optional RCM-810 remote control modules that allow them to be operated via an Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 digital matrix controller that Paladin set up to give the customer easy touch-screen control over the system’s various zones.

“Because of the cable distances involved,” Davidson says, “a football field would typically be handled with a constant-voltage, high-impedance distributed system, possibly 100 volts. But because we had the ability to control the amplifiers via NetMax, we were able to put each amp into a thermally-controlled Hoffman enclosure at the base of each pole and drive all the speakers at low impedance. By eliminating step-up and step-down transformers, we have a signal that is much cleaner and has no core saturation at higher levels. NetMax allows us to make the system as high-fidelity as possible.”

The overall result, Davidson says, is “fantastic–really good sound. There’s not a bad seat in the house, sonically. Every seat is consistent within plus or minus 3dB. You’ve got plenty of bass thump for modern music, incredible clarity from the announcer, the wireless referee mic is crystal clear, and there are no feedback issues whatsoever. It’s just an awesome system. We’ve now done four different Electro-Voice systems for the GaREAT Complex, and they keep coming back to us for more.”

Paladin Professional Sound

C. L. Pugh & Associates