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Electro-Voice Scores at World Cup

South Africa (June 29, 2010)--Electro-Voice loudspeakers are providing sound reinforcement in nine of the ten arenas hosting World Cup 2010, and EV wireless mics are being used in six of the venues.

Cape Town’s Green Point Stadium, newly
built for World Cup 2010, sports 124 EV
XLD loudspeakers, a REV-D wireless mic
system, two-dozen FRX940Pi loudspeakers
and 24 ZX5Pi loudspeakers.
South Africa (June 29, 2010)–Electro-Voice loudspeakers are providing sound reinforcement in nine of the ten arenas hosting World Cup 2010, and EV wireless mics are being used in six of the venues.

Electro-Voice’s partner in the region, Prosound Ltd., won the commission to install the sound systems in nine of the ten stadiums being used, four of which were new constructions, while the other six had to be renovated, extended or partly rebuilt. In the case of the sound reinforcement, each stadium was the subject of a separate invitation to tender and to merit serious consideration, each sound reinforcement solution proposed had to be tailored to the acoustic and other requirements of each individual stadium.

“Ever since founding the firm over 37 years ago, I have worked closely with Electro-Voice,” says Prosound MD Terry Acres. “And with good reason: Electro-Voice systems are reliable, robust, evince exceptional mechanical quality and deliver clear and balanced sound. In short: they’re the ones that best meet our requirements.”

Over 2,300 Electro-Voice and Dynacord loudspeakers and a variety of EV REV-D wireless microphone systems have been installed in the stadiums in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Nelspruit, Port Elizabeth, Rustenburg, Polokwane and Bloemfontein. In South Africa, FRX, ZX5, SX, XLD and EVID boxes from Electro-Voice are being used, whilst Dynacord is represented by over a thousand loudspeakers from its DL800 series. From compact, direct-radiating modules beneath balconies to line-array systems designed to cover long distances, a wide variety of enclosures have been installed.

As Oliver Sahm, Director of EVI Audio’s Technical Support Team, points out: “Long reverberation times, asymmetric architecture and boisterous fans require sound reinforcement systems and voice alarm systems to be combined, and strict TÜV-certified conformity with international standards is imperative to ensure that fans will be able not only to hear but also to understand safety announcements in case of emergency. This is anything but an easy assignment, yet nothing short of Champions’ League excellence will suffice. Our Tech Support team in Straubing, drawing on its many years of experience in the field of stadium sound, has developed solutions designed to meet such challenges and honed them to the needs of this year’s tournament in South Africa with the assistance of our friends at Prosound.”


1. Soccer City Stadium / Johannesburg
94,700 spectators / Opened in 1989

• 80 Electro-Voice PX2122 loudspeakers
• 48 Electro-Voice PX2152 loudspeakers
• 22 Electro-Voice SX100+ loudspeakers
• 4 Electro-Voice ZX1 loudspeakers
• 24 DYNACORD DL800/25T loudspeakers

2. Green Point Stadium / Cape Town
70,000 spectators / Newly built

• 124 Electro-Voice XLD loudspeakers
• 1 Electro-Voice REV-D wireless microphone system
3. Mbombela Stadium / Nelspruit
64,000 spectators / Newly built

• 24 Electro-Voice FRX940Pi loudspeakers
• 24 Electro-Voice ZX5Pi loudspeakers
• 2 Electro-Voice N/D 267 microphones
• 2 Electro-Voice RE2-N7 wireless microphones
4. Coca Cola (Ellis) Park / Johannesburg
70.000 spectators / Opened 1928 / Rebuilt 1982

• 62 Electro-Voice ZX5-60Pi loudspeakers
• 20 Electro-Voice SX100+ loudspeakers
• 395 DYNACORD DL800/25T loudspeakers
5. Loftus Stadium / Pretoria
50,000 spectators / Opened in 1906

• 36 Electro-Voice ZX5-Pl loudspeakers
• 14 Electro-Voice PX2152 loudspeakers
• 17 Electro-Voice ZX1 loudspeakers
• 56 Electro-Voice Evid 4.2T loudspeakers
• 8 Electro-Voice Zx1i-100T loudspeakers
• 16 Electro-Voice SX100+ loudspeakers
• 232 DYNACORD DL800/10T loudspeakers
• 93 DYNACORD DL800/15T loudspeakers

6. Nelson Mandela Bay / Port Elizabeth
48,000 spectators / Newly built

• 8 Electro-Voice FRX940Pi loudspeakers
• 28 Electro-Voice FRX660Pi loudspeakers
• 20 Electro-Voice FRX640Pi loudspeakers
• 132 Electro-Voice EVID FM4.2 loudspeakers
• 2 Electro-Voice N/D767 microphones
• 1 Electro-Voice REV-D wireless microphone system
7. Free State Stadium / Bloemfontein
48,000 spectators / Opened in 1952

• 2 Electro-Voice FRX940Pi loudspeakers
• 10 Electro-Voice FRX660Pi loudspeakers
• 10 Electro-Voice ZX5-60Pi loudspeakers
• 69 Electro-Voice SX300Pi loudspeakers
• 36 Electro-Voice EVID 6.2T loudspeakers
• 1 Electro-Voice REV-D wireless microphone system
• 66 DYNACORD DL800/15T loudspeakers
• 120 DYNACORD DL86 loudspeakers
8. Peter Mokaba Stadium / Polokwane
46,000 spectators / Newly built

• 10 Electro-Voice FRX660Pi loudspeakers
• 12 Electro-Voice ZX5-60Pi loudspeakers
• 28 Electro-Voice PX2122 loudspeakers
• 1 Electro-Voice REV-D wireless mic system
• 49 DYNACORD DL800/15T loudspeakers
• 236 DYNACORD SP20D loudspeakers
• 20 DYNACORD SP20 loudspeakers
9. Royal Bafokeng Stadium / Rustenburg
42,000 spectators / Opened in 1999

• 8 Electro-Voice FRX660Pi loudspeakers
• 6 Electro-Voice ZX5-60Pi loudspeakers
• 12 Electro-Voice PX122 loudspeakers
• 60 Electro-Voice EVID 4.2T loudspeakers
• 1 Electro-Voice REV-D wireless mic system
• 70 DYNACORD DL800/15T loudspeakers