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Elias Arts Promotes Segal

Santa Monica, CA (August 13, 2008)--Elias Arts has promoted Kenny Segal to the position of composer/chief studio engineer.

Santa Monica, CA (August 13, 2008)–Elias Arts has promoted Kenny Segal to the position of composer/chief studio engineer.

According to Ann Haugen, executive producer/GM, Elias Arts, who made the announcement “Kenny has been writing music for awhile now, but we are finally making it official by promoting him to full composer. He brings a unique talent in his compositions that have helped position our company as an expert in the hip hop and electronic genres. In addition to composing great tracks, Kenny will also be our lead engineer, ensuring that our studios continue operating and running smoothly.”

A USC music school graduate, DJ and producer who has continued to work with a number of top hip-hop and electronic artists since moving to L.A. in 1997, Segal is the winner of a 2008 Boards Best New Composer Award. This award was based on a number of Segal’s original compositions, including those featured in the TV spots “K-Fed” for Nationwide, (cited by Ad Age Magazine as “one of the most talked about Super Bowl ads of all time,”) “Breath” for Nike, and “Individuality” for Nissan. Segal was also named winner of the 2008 Urban Underground Battle Invitational for his original compositions.

In addition, Kenny Segal is the creator/producer of an original CD, entitled Ken Can Cook, which is distributed by the indie label Decon/Project Blowed. Segal has collaborated with Elias Arts founder Jonathan Elias on several award-winning TV spots and campaigns, including those for such clients as Nike, Nissan, Dodge, Best Buy and Valspar. He is the co-writer of the music for the 2008 Super Bowl spot for Hyundai’s “Big Twist,” and also wrote the theme song for the Lifetime TV series How to Look Good Naked.

Segal got into the advertising music business through an area rap musician who helped him gain employment with Tomandandy. Segal left Tomandandy to join Elias Arts in 2006, in the position of dub master.

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