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Elias Arts Wins Award for Music

Santa Monica, CA (June 12, 2009)--Elias Arts won a 2009 AICP Best Music Award for its original music on an Audi TV spot entitled "Living Room."

Santa Monica, CA (June 12, 2009)–Elias Arts won a 2009 AICP Best Music Award for its original music on an Audi TV spot entitled “Living Room.”

Elias Arts’ client for the Audi spot was Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco. Craig Allen, executive producer of the spot for Venables Bell, originally said, “Since there was no voiceover in this spot, we saw this as an opportunity to make the music as much of a star as the visuals. We wanted a track that played against type and would captivate the viewer with a unique sound. I’ve worked with Jonathan Elias for years, and knew he and his team would come up with a track that would be surprising, enchanting and memorable. They did not disappoint. As a testament to the power of this music, we have even had several consumer requests for this track and the name of the artists responsible for it!”

Dave Gold, Elias Arts’ creative director for the Audi spot, said, “For ‘Living Room,’ our goal was to combine orchestral instrumentation along with contemporary rhythms and voices, to create an organic/classical musical feel. We wanted to mirror, through music, the visuals, which were a depiction of standard luxury, which slowly evolves into a more contemporary, modern luxury. Starting with just piano and strings, portraying an older luxury feel, we expanded the music with more traditional elements, mixing, recording and filtering them, to ultimately deliver a more than traditional, yet still contemporary/modern feel-a musical evolution of luxury.”

Elias Arts’ Nate Morgan wrote the music for “Living Room.”

In “Living Room,” the viewer watches through time-lapse photography as a home’s living room becomes more modernized with new furniture, accessories, and a new Audi in the driveway. The spot’s slogan says, “The entirely new Audi A4. Progress is Beautiful.”

Elias Arts

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