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Erickson Joins Vorsis

New Bern, NC (October 7, 2010)--Mike Erickson has been named field engineer for Vorsis.

New Bern, NC (October 7, 2010)–Mike Erickson has been named field engineer for Vorsis.

“Mike is an excellent addition to our team,” says Vorsis senior product engineer Jeff Keith. “Vorsis has grown exponentially over the past few years, and Mike will be playing a vital role in helping Wheatstone continue that growth. He brings with him valuable, practical radio broadcast engineering and audio processing experience–the perfect background to assist our clients in upgrading their sound.”

“I always received the best of both worlds when dealing with Wheatstone/Vorsis—world-class sound and world-class support,” Erickson states. “I can honestly say I am now thrilled to be part of a team that continues to supply both on a daily basis.”

Erickson began his broadcasting career in 1991 at a small AM station on Long Island where he soon developed a love for manipulating audio with processors. Using what he learned on the engineering side, he went to New York City in 1996 as a staff engineer for WFAN, moving on to CBS.

Erickson stayed at CBS for nearly 15 years, most recently serving as chief engineer of WCBS- FM. He had a hand in the planning and execution of the recent entire CBS New York radio facility relocation, and has been directly involved in shaping the sound of all CBS properties in New York as well as CBS stations in other markets. He has served as a beta tester for many audio-processing products, including those from Vorsis, and has contributed his real-world experience to their development.