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Euphonix Announces Broadcast Sales

Mountain View, CA (August 27, 2009)--Euphonix has announced the latest clients around the world that have installed the company's broadcast consoles.

Mountain View, CA (August 27, 2009)–Euphonix has announced the latest clients around the world that have installed the company’s broadcast consoles.

In Japan, public broadcaster NHK installed two more Euphonix digital audio mixing systems bringing the count to seven Euphonix consoles owned by the international broadcasting company. NHK opted for the Euphonix S5 Fusion for post-production and broadcast capabilities in both their Osaka and Nagoya facilities. Prior to these installations, NHK had four Euphonix System 5 consoles in their Tokyo facility as well as a System 5-B equipped OB truck based out of New York City.

In France, Eurosport, Europe’s leading sports multimedia platform, has added a Euphonix Max Air console to their HD studio in Paris. This is the third digital Euphonix broadcast console for Eurosport, a longtime client.

Meanwhile, NBC Los Angeles (KNBC) completed a major upgrade to its Euphonix digital mixing system, including the addition of Euphonix hardware and software as well as the integration of Ross Overdrive for automated control of their broadcasting facility. The metamorphosis of KNBC’s Euphonix System 5 digital audio mixing system, originally installed in 2002, started early this year. First new software was installed to convert the console from a System 5 to a System 5-B. Next a second DF66 SuperCore engine was added for additional DSP horsepower, system functionality, and reliability with a Changeover Option for 100 percent redundancy of DSP core, router, and the console’s MADI I/O.

Also in Los Angeles, Sunset Bronson Studios recently renovated and upgraded its two Euphonix equipped studios. Home to the syndicated television show Judge Judy, Sunset Bronson transformed Stage 6 into a complete HD production facility and upgraded both of its Euphonix Max Air consoles with DF66 SuperCore engines for 100 percent broadcasting redundancy, additional channels, and greater DSP processing.

Finally Denver-based The Mobile Television Group upgraded six OB trucks in their fleet of 13 Euphonix-equipped trucks with new versions of 3.0 broadcast software and system computers.