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Euphonix Artist Series Controls Final Cut Pro

Amsterdam, Holland (September 12, 2008)--The Euphonix Artist Series MC Control and MC Mix make their IBC show debut and will be shown controlling Apple's Final Cut Pro via Euphonix' high-speed EuCon Ethernet based control protocol.

Euphonix Artist Series MC ControlAmsterdam, Holland (September 12, 2008)–The Euphonix Artist Series MC Control and MC Mix make their IBC show debut and will be shown controlling Apple’s Final Cut Pro via Euphonix’ high-speed EuCon Ethernet based control protocol.

The slim-line Artist Series controllers fit between a computer keyboard and screen and offer features that aim to speed up and enhance the video and audio edit processes, allowing users to concentrate more on the creative process and less on repetitive tasks.

The MC Control is a video and audio controller, featuring a jog/shuttle wheel to navigate through projects, four motorized faders and eight knobs for controlling audio levels and panning, and a set of Soft Keys for top-level Final Cut Pro functions that can be triggered directly from the high-resolution touch-screen display. The MC Control also includes a Soft Key editor that enables users to create custom Soft Keys for any additional Final Cut functions, sequence of functions or macros for fast access to their most used commands.

Everything from Video and Audio Transitions to Filters and Motion Favorites can be assigned to the soft keys, and all Soft Keys are loaded as soon as Final Cut Pro is launched.

The MC Mix offers control over audio, with eight faders and knobs to control audio levels and panning within Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro, while eight high-resolution OLED displays offer feedback, including metering info, pan positions and more. The MC Mix can be used either standalone or in conjunction with the MC Control, and up to four MC Mix controllers and one MC Control can be clipped together in a modular fashion to create larger, integrated editing and mixing solutions.

With the high-speed EuCon control protocol, simultaneous control of multiple applications, and multiple workstations, over Ethernet is possible. Dedicated buttons on the MC Control and MC Mix enable users to cycle through applications like Final Cut, Soundtrack Pro, Motion. All surface controls, including touch-screen Soft Keys, automatically switch to match the selected application.

The EuCon protocol enables the Artist Series to work with any EuCon, HUI or Mackie Control application. Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro are controlled via Mackie Control protocol, and Pro Tools is controlled via HUI, both transported by EuCon over high-speed Ethernet. Logic Pro, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer and other DAWs have natively integrated EuCon to provide high-resolution, high-speed control over almost all functions.