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Euphonix Launches Fiber Stagebox

Palo Alto, CA (May 27, 2008)--Euphonix has launched a modular remote audio interface solution for outside broadcast applications.

Euphonix’s high-density modular fiber mic solution Stage Box.Palo Alto, CA (May 27, 2008)–Euphonix has launched a modular remote audio interface solution for outside broadcast applications.

The unit featurs redundant fiber audio connectivity and control. This new solution connects multiple high-density stage boxes into the Euphonix DSP SuperCore via MADI over fiber with control directly from the console’s channel strips.

The solution comprises of a modular 3U Stage Box that can handle up to 56 mic preamps but can also be fitted with combinations of I/O to match the exact requirements of the application including analog, AES/EBU (75- and 110-ohm), SDI and MADI. A second stage box could be fitted to provide analog or digital splits of the mic preamp outputs from the first stage box for feeding the local PA/monitor mixers, for example.

The Stage Box connects to a local-side modular interface rack via redundant fiber. Each local-side box can manage multiple Stage Box connections for solutions including hundreds of remote audio feeds. The local-side boxes connect to the Euphonix DSP SuperCore using MADI with integral remote control from the System 5 and Max Air console surface channel strips for the mic preamps.

Euphonix CEO Martin Kloiber explains the philosophy behind the new fiber system: “Every remote application is different, so we wanted a solution that could handle any combination of remote feeds and is scaleable to very large installations. Redundant fiber connectivity is a must as is remote control directly from the console. We feel this new addition to the System 5 range will offer stations and remotes the perfect solution for their live broadcast needs”