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Expansion Team Scores Target Spot

New York, NY (January 27, 2009) Composer Michael Picton of music/sound design house Expansion Team scored Target's new TV/outdoor ad "Art Interacts" (:30), part of Target's Art for All initiative.

New York, NY (January 27, 2009) Composer Michael Picton of music/sound design house Expansion Team scored Target’s new TV/outdoor ad “Art Interacts” (:30), part of Target’s Art for All initiative.

The spot was created by agency Catalyst, Minneapolis, MN, and directed by design studio Eyeball, New York. The spot broke during the Golden Globe Awards on NBC January 11, and is on display at the LA Live, Los Angeles, and Victory Park, Dallas entertainment event centers.

The iconic Target bull-eye is the star of “Art Interacts,” opening a portal to a world of activity. In it, individual Target logos reveal animated, silhouetted figures performing athletic and artistic feats, choreographed to Picton’s circus-inspired score. The spot ends like it began, with the camera pulling back to reveal the red Target logo comprised of circus imagery, and a lone trapeze artist, who lands as the final note is played.

“I wanted to fill up the score with as much as sound as I could,” Picton said. “I added a lot of details and quirky elements, taking it just to the edge of a cacophony. The challenge was to keep the structure coherent with all of these elements. The other was the final mix. The music is full of details, so we had to balance the mix properly, so all of it could be heard in the outdoor environment.”

Picton has a long history of working with circus music, first as an orchestrator and touring musician for several Cirque Du Soleil productions, as orchestrator of the show La Reve at Wynn, Las Vegas, and most recently as composer for Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey’s 2007 big top extravaganza.

Expansion Team’s founder and creative director Alex Moulton adds that working with brands such as Target–who have a clearly defined brand–can be liberating. “Target isn’t just comfortable with experimentation, they welcome it,” he explained. “This was especially true with a project like this, which is more akin to an art piece then a goal-specific commercial.”

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