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FaitalPro 18XL1500 Released

New York (August 16, 2010)--FaitalPro has released the FaitalPro 18XL1500 super woofer.

New York (August 16, 2010)–FaitalPro has released the FaitalPro 18XL1500 super woofer.

It offers 3000 W max peak power, providing a reported 98dB of SPL in just 18” diameter, and is said to be 100-percent waterproof, due to a cone made of synthetic and natural fibers and a special additive applied directly during the production stage (not later on as a coating). It contains an extremely light neodymium magnet in an effort to ensure speed, power, rapid response and linear excursion.

According to the company, “It was born to perform in mid-size 130/150 liter, front loaded reflex or even horn-loaded enclosures.” It can fit in 170 liter double chamber Band-Pass configurations with tuning respectively at 30 and 90 Hz. It can be used in typical “under the stage” applications, but the company notes the FaitalPro 18XL1500 is suitable as subwoofer for hanging line array configurations.