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Formosa TV First in Taiwan with Lawo

Rastatt, Germany (January 30, 2009)--Formosa TV has installed the first Lawo mc≤66 console in Taiwan, in the country's first fully HD-ready outside broadcast vehicle. 

Rastatt, Germany (January 30, 2009)–Formosa TV has installed the first Lawo mc≤66 console in Taiwan, in the country’s first fully HD-ready outside broadcast vehicle.

The Lawo desk has been specified in a 16-8-8 OB version, with two stageboxes and a local rack. The desk’s HD core offers 96 full DSP channels, with three ATM ports, three MADI ports and 32 AES in/out and a plug-in server. The system includes an integrated routing matrix.

The new OB is the largest mobile broadcasting unit to be commissioned in Taiwan, and also the first to be fully equipped for High Definition television formats. Equipped with 10 onboard HD cameras, this single-expander vehicle measuring 11 meters in length has been entirely specified and built in Taiwan. Lawo’s Taiwanese distributor Audio Solutions Inc. was responsible for designing the audio elements for FTV, while Sony Taiwan took charge of the video project, which uses the most advanced Sony technology on the market.

“The mc≤66 is at the heart of the system, and is categorically the best solution for this HDTV project,” states Boon Siong Tan, one of Lawo’s specialist technical team in Southeast Asia. “Although the mc≤66 was one of the more expensive consoles offered for tender, everybody at FTV understood its advantages. Thanks to a high level of cooperation between Sony and Audio Solution Inc, the installation of the audio facilities was completed in just three weeks, ready for its successful test runs.”

The FTV OBV is expected to be used mainly for large sporting events, including games in the Chinese Professional Baseball League and the Super Basketball League, the top-tier professional leagues in Taiwan, and, later this summer, for the 2009 World Games, which will be held in Kaohsiung.

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