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Tuscaloosa, AL (April 19, 2011)--The University of Alabama's Foster Auditorium, best known for its role in the Civil Rights movement, recently got a new Community iBOX system.

 Tuscaloosa, AL (April 19, 2011)–The University of Alabama’s Foster Auditorium, best-known for its role in the Civil Rights movement, recently got a new Community iBOX system.

It was on June 11, 1963 in front of the venue that then-Governor George Wallace made his infamous Stand in the Schoolhouse Door, attempting to resist integration by blocking two black students from enrolling in the University. The building was later named for Autherine Lucy Foster, the first black student to be accepted and enrolled at UA.

Built in 1939, the hall was home to UA’s basketball teams in the 1970s and 1980s, as well as regularly hosting graduations, lectures, concerts and other large gatherings. With the opening of the neighboring Coliseum, the building eventually lost its standing as the campus’ largest indoor structure, and in recent years had fallen into disrepair. Recently, Foster Auditorium underwent a major renovation, reopening as home to the school’s Crimson Tide basketball and volleyball teams.

The Auditorium’s new sound system is designed around the iBOX system from Community Professional Loudspeakers. The system comprises 18 iHP1596 and two iHP1564 two-way systems, arranged in single and dual clusters as a distributed system.

“It’s a bit of a unique venue,” says Brian Leighton of Sheffield, AL-based Sutherland Sight and Sound. “The primary seating area is located about 10′ above the playing surface, with continuous glass windows just above it, so it’s a very reflective environment. The distributed design allowed us to keep the loudspeakers relatively close to the seating area and the iBOX’s tight pattern control focuses the sound on the seats, and away from the glass.”

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