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Fraunhofer Surrounds TI

Erlangen, Germany (February 7, 2011)--Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Surround audio streaming is now available on Texas Instruments Incorporated's DSP platform.

Erlangen, Germany (February 7, 2011)–Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Surround audio streaming is now available on Texas Instruments Incorporated’s DSP platform.

Manufacturers of Texas Instruments (TI)-powered consumer electronics devices such as AV receivers will have access to the Fraunhofer MPEG Surround decoding software as part of the recently announced TI Network Audio SDK.

According to TI, MPEG Surround allows the cost-efficient delivery of surround audio at stereo bitrates as low as 64 kbit/s for 5.1-channels. Users can hear the streams in the highest quality on surround-enabled devices and stereo equipment made possible with the stereo-compatible nature of the codec.

The TI nSDK facilitates software development on the DA8x family of networked audio processors. The nSDK includes a package of pre-integrated online music services as well as implementations of network interoperability standards, multichannel and stereo codecs, audio post processing, streaming audio over USB and much more. MPEG Surround is an ISO standard co-developed by Fraunhofer IIS. Software implementations for device manufacturers are available on various embedded platforms.

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