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Full Sail Launches New Online Degrees

Winter Park, FL (January 22, 2010)--Full Sail University announced two online degree programs this week--Music Production Bachelor of Science, and Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts.

Winter Park, FL (January 22, 2010)–Full Sail University announced two online degree programs this week–Music Production Bachelor of Science, and Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts.

The Music Production Bachelor of Science degree program is designed to cater to students who have a variety of relevant knowledge upon entering the degree program, ranging from novice to professional in music technology, musical performance, music theory and composition.

In the newly developed 32-month program, students will study the history of western music and the lives and works of some of its greatest composers and music producers. The materials used are presented by way of podcasts, video interviews, study modules, and guest speakers via live broadcast. A digital portfolio will be created and completed through the duration of the program. The student’s digital portfolio and supporting website are launched early in the curriculum so they are able to continually review and update as the student progresses through the program. Students will also participate in mutual assessment sharing as well as developing online marketing and sales skills.

Upon completion, the graduate’s skill set will include an understanding of contemporary music hardware and software technology, a thorough knowledge of music marketing and business concepts, a solid grounding in music theory, history, and composition. Additionally, the graduate will enter the job market with an online personal portfolio of professional quality music projects produced during the course of studies.

In the Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts, which begins in March, the 12-month degree program will aim to provide students with a focused knowledge and clear understanding of concepts such as: visual storytelling, narrative structures, multimedia terms and genres, character creation and development, screenwriting and storyboarding, script analysis and criticism, and script editing for a variety of niches and distribution methods in the entertainment media industry.

Discussing the Creative Writing Master, John Craig, Director of Creative Writing, remarked, “Being able to offer students the knowledge and tools necessary to be successful creative writing professionals in the fast-paced world of entertainment media is very exciting.”

Students will interact in the program through writer workshops, as well as the Full Sail Online critiquing mechanism used for technical workshops and feedback from faculty and peers. The Full Sail Online platform offers students a way to interact with instructors and fellow students over the Internet and gain access to course information 24 hours a day. “Using the Full Sail Online platform, we are able to provide an excellent educational experience to anyone in the world,” said Craig.

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