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Game Creek Goes Genelec

Natick, MA (October 21, 2009)--One of Game Creek Video's newest trucks, Legends, a 53-foot expando unit, includes two sets of Genelec active monitors.

Natick, MA (October 21, 2009)–One of Game Creek Video’s newest trucks, Legends, a 53-foot expando unit, includes two sets of Genelec active monitors.

Five Genelec 8030A Bi-Amplified Monitoring Systems constitute the truck’s surround audio array, while two Genelec 8050A bi-amplified monitoring systems are used as a separate stereo pair.

As it made its way from Game Creek’s Hudson, NH headquarters to its primary location at New York’s Madison Square Garden, where it will be used to do production for Knicks and Rangers home game telecasts, Legends made stops along the way, some of which were for a New England Revolution Major League Soccer match in Foxboro, MA, and a pre-season game between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia, as well as a mixed martial arts event, also in Philadelphia. Legends’ equipment arsenal features the latest in HD technology, including Sony HDC-1500R HD cameras, a Grass Valley Kalypso HD, a PESA Cheetah 3GB/s-capable router and a Calrec Alpha audio console with Bluefin, as well as Chyron HyperX HD graphics systems. Legends is also the first production truck Game Creek has built that fully implements the use of LCD monitors.

“We’ve used Genelecs in virtually all of our trucks, because they’re that good,” comments Paul Bonar, Vice President of Engineering for Game Creek Video. Bonar cites Genelec’s integrated tuning and equalization features as making them the solution for the geometries inherent in mobile broadcast production units. “They really let you optimize each monitor for the space that it’s used in,” he says. “Genelec has forged their way to being the industry standard, and when you’re dealing with multiple trucks and different audio engineers, it’s nice to have the consistency that everyone is happy to use.”